Working at the Gym as a Personal Trainer

If you are planning to or about to embark on a career as a personal trainer (PT), then there are a number of ways you can operate to earn yourself a living and develop and establish a client base for yourself.

Consider Working at a Gym

Most gym jobs will involve what you’d expect – registrations, instructions and general gym maintenance. Whilst this may not be exactly the personal trainer job role you first envisaged when you chose this career path, it is a good platform for you to reach out to potential personal training clients.

Working Arrangement

It is in a gym’s interest for you to do well, as they know that success for you invariably means profitability for them. Quite often, an arrangement can be reached whereby you work part time hours (generally 16 hours) for no pay, so that once you have completed this, then you can use the gym to recruit and train your personal clients. It is a setup that works well for both parties and can be a fruitful one.

Salaried Fitness Instructor Jobs

Another way to approach PT jobs is to look at a full time gym position. The benefit of this career path is that you have a guaranteed salary with a possible commission structure for recruiting new members. You could even look at gym manager jobs, which offers a bread-and-butter salary with scope for gathering yourself a healthy diary full of private, personal trainer work.

Whichever way you look at fitness jobs, sports jobs and personal trainer roles, it’s important to get yourself in front of as many potential clients as you can to boost your enterprise.

Just like many business development roles, it’s a real numbers game.

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