Mother and Baby Fitness

So, you’ve had your baby and day to day life is coming back towards something of a normality. You know you need to get back to your fitness regime, but the freedom you once enjoyed is no longer yours and you’re wondering how you’re going to find time to get back to fitness.

Don’t worry, there are options available, especially if you look at things in a slightly different way.

Meet Your Friends in the Park

Rather than meeting your friends and fellow new mums at a cafe or coffee shop, try meeting at the park for a walk. This low-impact exercise is the perfect way to ease yourself back into getting fit. When you try and talk to each other during your walk, you’ll realise that you’re exercising, as it won’t be as easy conversing as when you’re sat down.


Home Gymnasium

If a public gym isn’t your thing, then why not bring the gym into your home. There are a lots and lots of fitness DVDs on the market, many of them endorsed or created by various celebrities. Whichever you use, it is a great and convenient way of arranging your fitness in around your motherly duties.

Cycle Your Way to Fitness

Ditch the car and invest in a baby trailer for your bike. Introduce a cycle into your life and you can do your exercise as part of your daily routine. Getting from A to B by bicycle represents excellent cardiovascular exercise and will quickly raise your fitness levels.


Pushing the Pram

The last option in our list is probably the simplest of the lot. Pushing your pram, as all new parents have to do as a matter of course, can be the perfect fitness solution for a new mum. Walk to begin with and perhaps introduce jogging with the pram if you want to step it up a little.

Just because you’re a new mum, it doesn’t mean that your fitness has to suffer. Change your routine to include a few of the ideas listed above and you will get your pre-baby body back before you know it.

Good luck!