Interview help for a fitness trainer

Interview help for a fitness trainer – When Applying For A Gym Job

So you have landed yourself an interview to become part of a team member at the local gym as a personal trainer or fitness instructor.

Whether this would be your first job within that roll or your tenth, an interview is always daunting.

Even though were taught to never judge a book by its cover, the first impression you make when it comes to an interview are huge, especially when the job you are after is working within the public sector.

So you have worked hard and studied harder learning all about nutrition, all the different muscle groups and what they do, how to stretch them out, how to help and aid injury and how to use all the different equipment in the gym safety. You may be at an advanced level and are qualified to teach certain classes.

But have you trained yourself up to be a people person?  

As you will be working with people on a one to one or in a group being able to talk to people is a huge part of the job. You should show confident at all times and be able to talk to them at ease, be able to listen to and then respond appropriately and be able to help with any issues they may have.

But most of all you be of a calm nature. Ok, so onto the interview itself. Your CV is sent and you have a call back for an interview, they obviously liked what they saw on paper so now you have to go face to face and appearance is crucial. Yes, your going to a fitness job interview but that doesn’t mean you should show up in your best lycra hot pants and string vest. And a shirt, tie, and waistcoat maybe be over the top. Keep it smart and casual and clean and comfortable.

Be confident – make eye contact, shake hands firmly but not hard and speak slowly and clearly. But don’t be over confident where you don’t shut up and talk over the interviewer.

Take along with you any certificates you have and your portfolio if you have one to show the interviewer if asked, be prepared. Take note of the questions below and answer them yourself before the interview.

Remember practice makes perfect.

Interview help for a fitness trainer

Some of the questions that you will be asked may include the following.

Why did you want to become a fitness instructor?

What sporting activities do you enjoy?

Why should we hire you?

What makes you the best candidate for this job?

What foods contain high levels of protein?

What certificates do you have? – Can I see them?

Have you taught any classes/groups before? – How did you feel you managed? – Did they return again?

Explain to me one time you was in a difficult situation with a client, and how dit you handle it?

With ever changing fitness knowledge how do you keep yourself up to date?

What’s your knowledge on nutrition and dietary requirements? – You may be asked to explain a short example?

What customer services skills do you have? – You may be asked what you would do in certain situations, for example, how would you deal with a difficult client? How would you calm the situation down?

You may be asked to verbally demonstrate how you would start off the beginning of fitness class?

You have a new one to one client, how would you evaluate there needs from what they desire to achieve?

You have a client who is coming back from a bad Achilles injury but they are overly enthusiastic to start running again, explain to me how you would deal with the client to keep their spirits high but at the same time reducing there over enthusiastic targets?

What are your views on a vegan diet? What are your thoughts on a non-carb diet?

How would you conduct a nutrition plan and exercise regimen for a client with only wishes to lose weight?

What are your ultimate top 5 exercises that you recommend all you clients to do? Can you yourself do them?

Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years time?

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