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How the Fitness Industry has Changed Over the Last 10 Years

At the end of the noughties, the fitness industry landscape was a lot different. A much smaller market place and low competition meant that any Personal Trainer (PT) in a gym would have a clear run of both the club’s members and its potential private clientele.

Any personal trainers working back then had a big head start on the competition and those still operating now will have to cope with a big change in the landscape, which will have turned them into competent businessmen/women and the fitness industry’s current leaders.

Customer Knowledge

Modern day clients tend to be more educated than 10 years ago and so a PTs have had to raise their own degree of skill and expertise to remain an authority on the subject.

Class Evolution

 In 2007, yoga, step aerobics and salsa were the popular choice, whereas current trends include combat-based training, such as boxercise. The reason behind this shift is results driven, as these disciplines are proven and if done properly, can be dramatic. All of which happens in a fun social environment that builds adherence and motivation.


The days of Personal Trainer’s offering bodybuilding programmes on a regular basis are long gone, now that there is a specific interest in the conditioning the cardiovascular system and the torso. This happened as more synergy exists between PTs and physiotherapists. This rehab-centred approach has had a big effect on how the fitness industry, and in particular the role of a PT over the last 10 years.

With the advent of residential offerings like ‘Bootcamps’, which are essentially a rebranded form of traditional circuit training and all of the factors listed above, it proves that to be an effective PT with longevity, you need to move with the times. There is the element of a much more contested marketplace to deal with, but if you roll with the punches and learn from your mistakes, then you give yourself the best possible chance of success.

Listen to your customers. Keep yourself abreast of changes in the industry and move with them or you could find that your fitness career becomes just another statistic.

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