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How Personal Trainers Can Recruit New Clients

If you’ve recently qualified as a personal trainer and are raring to go, but are struggling to find actual clients, then you might not be approaching it the right way.

Employ just some of the tactics listed below and you’ll soon start to see your diary fill up with fee-paying clients.

Be Professional

Most of the general public don’t find it too easy to differentiate between a good personal trainer and a bad one, so it’s important to be perceived as professional and knowledgeable. Obviously, you need to be able to back up that perception with your skills, but looking the part and conducting yourself professionally is a good start.


Let your Clients be Your Marketing Tool

There is no better marketing vehicle for your career in the fitness industry than existing clients. In this world where everything gets shouted about via social media, your clients cannot wait to let all of their friends know that they have the best fitness trainer around.

Asking clients for their social media handles and retweeting their posts about you and what you are doing for them, can be a very powerful tool for self-promotion. The views of people not connected to you and your business personally carry more weight than things you put out yourself. It’s a resource, so use it.


Create Some Professional Literature

Invest in a professional website and branding, you are your brand and most potential clients will feel more comfortable after checking out a personal professional website, make sure you also have a professionally designed logo and have branding continuity throughout, so the same colours, fonts and images on your website, business card, social media and any marketing material. Build your brand! You may be tempted to do this your self, but investing in a professional designer can pay off big time, never under estimate the importance of professional branding. A well made leaflet or a business card is much more professional than providing your details to a potential client on a scrap of paper or written on a post-it note. Maintain your professional image by not allowing your literature to let you down.


Capture the Details of Potential Clients

Anyone who shows an interest in your services has given you buying ‘signals’, so capturing their contact information can be quite important to your long-term success. Whether it’s via a contact form filled out on your website or contact phone number, keep these details in a ‘business development’ folder and you can politely market your services to them on a regular basis. A Mailchimp app can let you collect email addresses surest to your iPhone or iPad, you can then use Mailchimp for marketing newsletters.

They might not be a customer right now, but they could easily become one. Only though, if you capture a way to contact them.

Promoting yourself as an attractive service to your customers is your own responsibility. You need to do everything you can to get yourself in front of as many clients as possible. Fail to do so and your dream personal trainer job might turn into a nightmare.

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