Fitness industry growth is creating jobs and career opportunities

The sports and fitness industry is growing faster than ever before creating lots of new job and career opportunities. The industry now more than ever has seen a tremendous amount of growth and boom. This £4.08 billion giant industry has been an active contributor to the cutting down of unemployment rates in the UK by 6.04% between April and June alone. The UK has thousands of sport and fitness clubs, leisure centres and gyms for public use, and there is an increasing demand for skilled exercise professionals such as personal trainers, gym and fitness instructors etc to fill the growing number of employment vacancies.

Although within the industry there are an abundance of career paths to follow for aspirants with varying inclinations, personalities and talents,British health and leisure business David Lloyd in it’s predictions for 2014 identified personal training-led groups as a key area of growth, suggesting that people are beginning to favour a “more tailored – personal programme” over a “one size fits all approach”.

It further predicted an explosion of demand for services that are centered more on catering for individuals in a bid to help them achieve their fitness goals, hence a boost in the number of  personal training jobs in the UK and since personal fitness training is one of the most lucrative career options among fitness workers because with obesity rates on the rise, trainers are in a position to change someone’s health for the better — and for the long haul.

In regards to the earning possibilities a fitness training job can be very lucrative for those who work hard and do well, and besides the earning potentials they hold, they can provide flexibility in terms of a working environment. A personal fitness trainer aside from working in the gym can work  in a variety of settings beyond the gym, from hospitals to corporate wellness departments to clients’ homes to outdoor boot camps – thereby providing more working freedom to those who wish to work with clients beyond the four corners of a gym

The freelance route – in this fitness business – is one of the most popular as you can choose what times you work, when, where and for how long and you can set your own personal rates.

Nathan Woodward, freelance personal trainer and class instructor for Foxhills Country Club, Ottershaw:

“For me, there is little more satisfying than aiding another person in achieving their goals and ambitions. Whether their aims are simply to lose weight, gain muscle, or rehabilitate from injury; it is extremely rewarding to help people realise their goals. This acts as a big incentive and is one of the main reasons I became a personal trainer. I put a lot of energy and enthusiasm into every single class, and trust me, if people consider you to be a good motivator in a studio class, then it is only a matter of time before people want your help and advice to achieve their own personal goals. Posters, social media and promotional events have helped gain clientele but you have to get out there to get noticed. Best of luck to anyone looking to get involved in the industry.”

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