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Fitness Industry at an All-Time High

According to the State Of the Fitness Industry (SOFI) report for 2016, the number of registered gym users in the UK rose above 9 million for the first time ever. This represents more than a 5% increase on the previous year and means the industry is estimated to worth almost £4.5bn.

Released in late Spring each year, the report by the industry body for 2017 is expected continue this upward trend and show another healthy leap in customer penetration.


The Reasons

There are a number of factors at play in the current fitness market that are driving its popularity with the UK public, such as a glut of ‘low cost’ gym memberships that don’t tie customers into a contract or charge a joining fee.

Other reason for a resurgent fitness sector is some gyms holding 24/7 opening hours – allowing access for a much wider range of clientele and boosting membership numbers. The budget end of the market now accounts for a massive 32% of private sector membership – a big jump in recent years.

UK Number One

The paradigm of the low-cost gym membership has taken centre stage in the last few years, as the Pure Gym operator hit a total of 150 gym locations, taking it the top spot in the UK fitness market. This meteoric rise has seen them open an additional 60 clubs over the last year, an increase of almost 70%.

For the first time ever, a low cost fitness operator is the UK’s number one. Pure Gym have added 60 clubs in the last 12 months taking them past the 150 mark and into the top position.

Whilst there is a lot of competition in the fitness industry, with personal trainers having to think smart to stay ahead of the competition and carve out a living for themselves, these latest figures should prove welcome reading, as it shows that the expanding fitness market will offer more opportunities for those with the right attitude and determination.

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