Becoming a Personal Trainer and The Steps Involved

The fitness sector has grown by over 75% over the last 10 years and as a result there are more opportunities for those with the right dedication to get their dream fitness job as a personal trainer. An industry that is currently worth almost £5bn annually is perfectly placed to help tackle the growing problem of obesity in the UK.

So, you’ve had the thought. Do you really know what it takes to become a personal trainer (PT) in practice? Let’s have a quick look to see what’s involved.

Step 1 – Is it REALLY for you?

In order to be a successful personal trainer, you need to be a particular type of person. A person who has great analytical skills, high levels of patience, a great listener, organised and a great motivator. You are, as a PT, going to encounter all types of people from many walks of life, so communication and an ability to relate to people whoever they are, is a must.

You also need to practice what you preach, so leading a healthy lifestyle and have the image of a personal trainer. It’s important to determine whether you can be that person before you even start your journey. Be honest with yourself or you could waste an awful lot of your time.

Step 2 – Which Personal Trainer Qualification?

Not all qualifications are the same, so you must decide on the right accreditation to get you where you want to go in the health and fitness industry. Also, how are you going to learn it? Do your research and talk to others in your position, on the same journey. You might be surprised what you will pick up along the way that will help others and vice versa.

Where to Work as a PT?

Once you have your qualification or diploma, you are ready to start plying your trade. You can work on a 1 to 1 private basis or you can apply for a position at a gym. Working at a gym not only gives you immediate practical experience of the fitness world, but it gives you a great platform from which to gain a client base. Most gyms will be happy to have a working arrangement with you that allows you time to work on your private clients using the gym’s facilities. You can find a range of jobs advertised in our Personal Trainer Jobs category.

In Summary

The preparations you make when starting your fitness career journey will play a large part in your subsequent success or failure. Put your best foot forward by creating an environment for yourself that gives you the best possible of making the grade.

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